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The Brief

A collection of healthy and nutritious recipes.

All previous efforts aside, cooking books are expensive and often rather complicated. I will set out to create a free E-book and mock-up interactive blog, making healthy recipes and Yummy food more accessible for the students, keeping in mind their strict budget management. The E-book will provide nice and easy recipes, as well as tips and trivia to be able to reuse leftovers. The mock up blog will provide room to share recipes, actual ASDA ingredient lists + current prices, a feature where you can find a recipe based on the ingredients you still have in the house.

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Project Image
A healthier view

Students are convinced that healthy food is expensive and time-consuming. What with them being relatively poor and either lacking time or too lazy to bother, they often reach out for a quick fix when it comes to their nutrition, often resulting in tinned food or Fast Food resolutions. Though cooking healthily has indeed become more popular over the last few years, its price tag is still a big no-go for many students.

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The Result

A slick application to help you cook.

An E-book presented with a crisp, easy-to-read finish, the cooking steps being kept to an absolute minimum of 5 and the outline very appealing and motivating. A complementary blog designed to keep an online community for all the students to help each other out. Inspired by the . British T.V. program "come dine with me".

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