Monotype Brief

Monotype / Jack Renwick Studio
Typographer, Designer
10 Weeks
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The Brief

Create a new visual language for film advertising.

First of all, I believe Christopher Nolan is an intriguing director, very different from most block-buster makers. I can’t deny I am a big fan of his films, mostly because they challenge me: It seems like no matter how many times I watch them, I somehow never fully understand what they are about. The open endings and many layers of consciousness invite me to watch his films over and over again, rethinking my perception of reality. Furthermore, Nolan isn’t considered only with pleasing the crowd, but wants to make people actively think about his work. I believe an artist likes that deserves to be known by a larger audience, or at least deserves the attention. My aim is to eventually guide people to my website, giving them little incentives on the way. Throughout this journey, I tried to incorporate some of his methodology and spirit in my work.

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Project Image
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Who is this for?

Film fans of any age looking to see some great films. The aim is to go broader than diehard fans and get them to engage with typography-led integrated design campaigns including posters and flyers.

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The Result

A typography-led design

This mirrors the general motif of discovering multiple layers. In all of Nolan’s films, he invites his viewers to look again, but more closely. You feel you need to try and capture all the details to make sense of the work, and yet it seems so simple from afar. Very often, his films do not have a clear ending and never seem to truly finish. I therefore chose to represent the famous three dots (from the end of a sentence) on a simple background layer, yet making their overall sense look blurry. It also depicts a quote from Christopher Nolan, yet the link between both is not immediately clear. Should people be triggered already, they’ll find the link to my website and in doing so also all the answers to their questions.

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