Digital Photography

Personal Project
5 Weeks
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The Brief

To translate the philosophy of One's reflexion.

This particular philosophy behind mirrors and reflections has allowed me to play around with design, trying to create complete halves that – just like humans – can perfectly well exist on their own, but carry more meaning once they have met their reflection. I wondered if I could perhaps simplify the work of a designer, getting more work done in only half of the time. For this process I had to take into account the works of symmetry, trying to create balance without losing touch of inherent beauty.

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I love creating new and exciting shapes.

Even though the designs can perfectly well stand on their own, – they are complete halves – they do seem to have more meaning once they are mirrored. The mere reflection of the existing design eases our mind, which is subconsciously looking for symmetrical harmony. This is when we can start playing with shades, trying to create 3D effects, adding layer after layer, creating the designs’ identity.

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The Result

A beautiful Photo-book and Poem.

Have faith, ye who enters our realm in the darkest hour
For you might lose yourself and breathe in our power
‘cause we are the trees, the winds, the leafs
We are the ones that shake your beliefs
For what you see
Is not what is
And what you hear
A shadow’s kiss

- Karlien Lowie

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