I am Alejandro Bedoya

A Graphic Designer from Colombia living in Belgium, Working at LIFEPOWR; where I design the next generation of Energy and Mobility products.

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One Face + Styles

“My passion is typography
my identity is bold”

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I have no idea how or why every decision led me to you, some may say it was meant to be and honestly I am at a point where I do not care, all I know is that without you, my life would have been plain and boring, your mere existence enlightens my own and I am forced to keep reaching out to you, just to get that feeling of comfort that only you can provide.

I can't help but to feel anger towards myself for allowing you to take over me completely and leaving me with no chance of making a backup plan, please don't misinterpret what I just said. I do not wish to be without you, all I ask is for you to understand my fears to see what I see. I notice how you treat others, how you let them thrive with you, while I watch from far behind.

I began to doubt whether such a miracle as yourself will be forever in my favour, as a mere artist I look around and I feel condemned judging my many mistakes, willingly or not. Why would you, my friend, I have tried to give you my everything, twisting and turning to try and suit your demands yet you keep ignoring me. Perhaps you are just not my type…

Forever yours,
With love.

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If you have any questions or simply want to have a conversation, you're welcome. I've learnt that knowing the person behind the client is far more important than knowing which company you work for. Because, for me, success is measured by positive experiences and not by profit.

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